Help! I’m Being Abused – Can I Confide in a Lawyer?

What is Domestic Violence?

domestic violence lawsJust the words “domestic violence” can be scary and be cause for a need for a potent dry eye remedy after all the tears are done being cried. Chances are you may know someone who is being abused or, you yourself are experiencing abuse – if this is the case, contact a personal injury lawyer Chicago.  It’s easy to pass off domestic violence as something else. After all, domestic violence only happens between married couples when the husband abuses the wife, right? Wrong!

Domestic violence comes in a variety of forms. What’s more, the scope of the law reaches far wider than you’ve probably anticipated. If you suspect that you’re in a violent relationship, you can consult a lawyer about a variety of needs.


Recognizing domestic violence

Domestic violence doesn’t have to be constant. Sometimes it happens daily while other times it only happens once in a while. It is important to recognize signs of domestic violence so you know when it may be a good idea to take action. Warning signs may include:


  • Name-calling
  • Being put down
  • Threatened and actual physical harm
  • Stopping you from seeing family/friends
  • Stopping you from getting a job


Okay, I’m Being Abused. Do I Need an Attorney?

If one of the above scenarios or a similar scenario applies to you, you may want to consult with an attorney at Desalvo Law. Be sure to report all incidents of domestic violence with your local police as soon as possible so that there is record. Hiring a family law attorney may also prove beneficial. They may be able to help you obtain a restraining order to keep the person away from you or to remove the individual from your home. A family attorney may also help you achieve divorce or legal separation as well as custodial rights to children.


I Don’t Think Domestic Violence Protection Applies to Me

Not so fast! While domestic violence protection is often thought of as a way to protect a wife from her abusive husband, the law recognizes a variety of forms of domestic abuse. Don’t discount yourself if you feel that you need protection! It doesn’t matter if you’re a husband or wife, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, an elder being abused by your caretaker, roommates or gay or lesbian. You may be protected under the law of your state. Consult with a lawyer for more information.

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